Character Sheet

Character Sheets and Campaign Tools For RPGs

Character Sheet is an RPG gaming facilitator with character sheets, dice roller, and campaign tools to organize your game and track your players. Our job is to make your RPG gaming experience better. Whether you host your game at a table, in a forum, or in chat, you'll always be able to access your characters, your campaign, and make some rolls. Sign up and get started gaming!

Dice Roller With History

six sidedWhat's an rpg without dice? Character Sheet has a dice roller attached to your character sheet. The rolls are recorded and you can tag them and share them. Post links to your character sheet in your play-by-post game that prominently display your character and your roll.

Fire Up Your Campaign!

peopleIt's hard work tracking players and characters in a play-by-post game. At Character Sheet you can set up your campaign and invite players to it. Players can associate characters and you, the judge, can manage them. In the end you get a nice campaign splash page listing players and their characters for quick look up and access.

Screen Cast Demo

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A Sheet For Every Game

Our freestyle sheet allows you to add a character for any game!

Character Sheets

We have specialized sheets for:

  1. 1E Advanced (OSRIC)
  2. 1E Basic
  3. Mini Six
  4. Labyrinth Lord
  5. Basic Fantasy RPG
  6. Gods And Monsters