Character Sheet


March 28, 2010 01:33 pm

CharacterSheet is not your run of the mill installation of the RPGProfiler application. CharacterSheet is a completely new and custom app. It was something I dreamed up while playing in various play-by-post and play-by-email games.

I was frustrated with several aspects of playing RPG's in forums. The number one problem was the separation of dice from posts, characters, and everthing else. Not to mention information about the game, campaign, plot, and maps are not readily available to help move the game along. I could go on, but if you've played in a play-by-post community you know exactly to what I refer.

So I've started CharacterSheet with the goal of solving some if not all these problems. I started by creating a dice roller associated to your character. I made some old school character sheets because that's the way I roll.

In late Feburary 2010 I launched CharacterSheet. The decision was driven mostly by my desire to use CharacterSheet myself in games I was playing in. But by no means is this project complete. There will continue to be releases and improvements until play-by-post gaming can be hosted on this site.

I hope you will join me in this endeavor by playing and participating at

Game On!

Eques Nobilis