Character Sheet

Autocomplete for Saving Throws on AD&D Sheet

April 4, 2010 02:49 pm

Wasn't planning on another release this weekend, but I finished this and wanted to push it so I can move on to bigger things.

So there is now autocomplete for saving throws on the AD&D character sheet. Pick lists support multi-class characters. You'll find the autocomplete for the class field now lists multi-class combinations. If you are multi-class and you have split levels just enter your levels with a slash between the numbers. Autocomplete will not work if you do not enter an integer number into the level field. Entering "one" or "ii" or something else will void the operation. Autocomplete works the same as for attributes. If you don't get a yellow pick box, try hitting your left or down arrow button while your cursor is in the input.

Game On!