Character Sheet

Campaign Reference Pages Released

December 11, 2010 09:48 am

Campaign reference pages have been released today. These pages allow the referee or judge to create pages detailing their campaign. Notes regarding game time, adventure logs, campaign class or race restrictions, custom rules, or whatever else you have in mind. A BBCode editor has been provided and images can be attached. Pages can be marked as maps and these will show up in their own listing . Large images can be uploaded and a panner has been provided to allow zoom in and out functionality. There is also a auto generated table of contents so you can quickly view the the full list of pages you create for your players.

If you experience difficulty on the site please let me know.

At Character Sheet, anyone can start a campaign at anytime. So start your campaign today.

This will be the last major release for 2010. Next year I will introduce play by post gaming threads and discussion threads. The game threads will be optimized for efficient access to game information.

Until next time game on!